Unlock the potential of distributed talent.

Map Skills and People Data across any business dimension for actionable insight and discovery.  

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Orgtomic lets you build a complete skills and people map.

Visualize all your Employee Data for actionable insight. Create a level playing field for all employees, wherever they are based.

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Powerful Org Chart tools for growth companies.

A Dynamic Org Chart and Org Map to visualize organisational growth, track remote hiring, diversity targets and drive employee discovery.

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Employee Discovery for All.

An integrated People Directory to facilitate employee discovery and engagement. Everyone has a super power, a unique skill and a story to tell. Understand your organisation through your people.

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Skills Mapping Orgtomic

Match the right Skills to Growth.

Create a skills and interests matrix across any dimension of your Organisation. Accelerate productivity and performance with your existing talent.

Bring visibility to your most valuable asset.

How we help Orgtomic

Create your own custom data points

Custom data points incorporated within your Org Chart and visualize the metrics you want to see. Flexible and simple to add.

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Skills analysis Orgtomic

Drive change through transparency

Visualized Diversity and Inclusion data to drive open and transparent change

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Visual tools to ensure a shared and open culture from day one

Create onboarding journeys that deliver. Ideal for remote growth.

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Remote Hiring Orgtomic
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Orgtomic provides insight to everyone.

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Understand changes and trends within your business - visualize and take action, fast
Track growth projections and headcount. Automated reporting for Board/investor meetings with easy visualization.
Your daily insight into how the Organisation looks. Drive productivity, employee engagement and transparency.
Team Leads
Full range of analytics and skills insight from your teams and remote workers.
New Joiners
Provides onboarding transparency to new joiners so they can understand and explore your organisation and culture
All Employees
Open for all. Easy to access Org Chart and People Directory to explore and engage across the entire organisation
Trusted by 20+ remote first companies
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"We use it daily."

“Orgtomic has been an incredibly useful tool to help us understand our employee growth journey, especially with our remote first teams. We use it daily."

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Sam Baxendale, Founder & CEO, Kinetik Hiring

"Orgtomic has been our preferred choice."

"We've tried several org chart platforms and Orgtomic has been our preferred choice. As a fully remote startup, the "traditional" overview is helpful in visually anchoring team and department leads, while the continuous addition of features, such as timezone and skills, assists new joiners in getting more familiar with teammates all over the world."

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Tiffany Regan, VP Operations, Hummingbot

"An integral part of our new joiner onboarding"

“We’ve used Orgtomic for a few months now and it's already an integral part of our new joiner onboarding and HR planning sessions with leadership.”

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Nisha Yusof, Head of People, UMAI
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