Powerful Org Chart tools for growth companies.

A dynamic Org Chart and Org Map to visualize organisational growth, track remote hiring, diversity targets and drive employee discovery

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Effortlessly navigate your Organisation.

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Built with Structured Data
Dynamic Org Chart canvas enables you to visualize by Department, Location, Division, Function and Team. Endlessly flexible for all.
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Always building Org Charts in Powerpoint?
Save time - Orgtomic provides a single dynamic Org Chart for all you internal and external communication and planning.
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Visualized and customized People Analytics
Apply filters and tags to visualize data within your org and departments /teams. Enable transparency to drive impact on D&I, retention and remote hiring.

Team growth shouldn't be limited by location.

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Grow your remote teams with ease
Visualize organisation and team dispersion with ease on our searchable Org Map. Understand and plan around time zones and working-hours availability instantly.
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Ideal for Remote First companies
Bridge distributed and team silos in remote first organizations. Create an engaged on-boarding experience and encourage cross functional collaboration.
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Org Chart Features

Orgtomic offers a fully flexible Org Chart tool that is visually appealing, easy to use and provides business insight by any business dimension.  

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Visualize your organisation by Hierarchy, Department, Function, Team, Squad, Remote vs Office, Gender, Tenure, Division, Brand or Management Team
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Create custom fields to overlay business critical data, e.g. SAAS metrics, Sales Targets, Personality profiles, NPS
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Visualize Span of Control and Indirect Reports
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Enable Dual Leadership and Co-founder structures
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Org Map to visualize global dispersion and geo-locate hybrid workers.
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CSV/Slack/Azure AD data upload
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Datasheets to track updates and edit
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Extract Org Chart for internal and external comms
Growth Companies Orgtomic

Bring visibility to your most valuable asset - your people.

Unlock the potential of your distributed talent.  Visualize your Org and People data for actionable insight and discovery.

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