Match the right Skills to growth.

Create a skills and interests matrix across any dimension of your Organisation. Accelerate productivity and performance with your existing talent.

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Bring skills data to life for actionable insight. 

Gain complete skills visibility
Use our global Skills taxonomies, combined with  Organisation specific skills to create the ultimate skills map.
Calibrate and benchmark
Define skills individually, within a team context and calibrate across your global Org. Match talent supply to business demands.
Find any skill, anywhere
Advanced contextual search and visualization to identify skills, interests and training needs in any location.

Enable talent mobility and agility across your operations.

Empower employees with Talent Mobility
Provide equal opportunities and visibility for all employees, wherever they are based. Get the most out of your remote teams and retain.
Agile project teams on a global scale
Match skills to needs as your business grows. Use skills data to create agile and responsive project teams and squads. Don't let location or time zones get in the way.
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Skills Analysis Features

Orgtomic provides a detailed Skills Analysis module to match skills with growth and encourage talent mobility and skills sharing.

Skills Analysis Orgtomic
Taxonomized Global Skills Data set
Custom Data Image Orgtomic
Additional customized company specific skills set for niche requirements.
Comments Orgtomic Image
Rate, Review and Calibrate Skills - enable public skills v’s review cycles.
Analytics Images Orgtomic
Skills Matrix by any Org Chart Dimension for greater insight
Edit image Orgtomic
Customize Skills requirements by department and function - Creating Skills Gap Analysis
Skills based Image Orgtomic
Visualize all Skills across Org Chart
Search icon orgtomic
Skills Search and visualization via Orgtomic custom Search.
Project image orgtomic
Initiate project requirements and Talent Mobility
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Assign Skills requirements to roles

Skills Mapping in Growth Companies

Read our recent report on Skills Mapping and Skills Matrix frameworks for SME and Growth Companies.

Growth Companies Orgtomic

Visualize Skills and Interest across any dimension of
your Org.

Unlock the potential of your distributed talent.  Visualize your Org and People data for actionable insight and discovery.

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