The Skills based organisation.

Match skills to growth. Create a skills and interests matrix across any dimension of your Organisation. Accelerate productivity and performance with your existing talent.

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Future Proof your Organisation.

Use an active Skills Analysis and Reporting strategy to align growth with your current talent and future hiring needs. Help identify Talent Mobility opportunities for your remote teams.

Develop a detailed Skills Taxonomy.

Use Orgtomic to create a detailed and structured skills framework for your Organisation.  

Skills can be attributed and calibrated through performance review, then visualized across multiple business dimensions providing actionable insight for HR and Leadership.

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Encourage cross departmental discovery.

Translate data into qualitative takeaways about strengths and weaknesses.
Skills-based hiring:
Integrate future skill assessments into the hiring process.
Re-skilling and Upskilling
Personalized learning journeys can close any identified skills gaps

Skills Matrix Orgtomic

A remote services company mapped their entire Skills Framework across their Org Chart.

With rapid remote hiring during the past 2 years our services client created their own highly specific Skills taxonomy, which they then assigned, rated and calibrated across departments and project teams.

Leadership and HR can now visualize a real time skills map across any business dimension and identify weakness and development needs.

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Skills Mapping in Growth Companies

Read our recent report on Skills Mapping and Skills Matrix frameworks for SME and Growth Companies.

"2 in 5 HR leaders don’t know what skills they have in their workforce." - Mercer

To help organizations thrive, especially in times of disruption, HR departments need a granular, up-to-date understanding of Employees Skills and any Skill Gaps.

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