Embrace the power of Remote Teams.

Create an Org Canvas to help remote talent navigate and discover their organisation.

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Team growth shouldn't be limited by location.

Org Maps provides a visual layer for remote and distributed teams as we all hire globally. Track dispersion across your organisation and your true 'centre of gravity'. Understand available resource in timezone

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Understand your Org dispersion.

Visualize organisation and team dispersion with ease on our searchable Org Map. Understand and plan around time zones and working-hours availability instantly.

Take advantage of the global talent base.

Bring visibility to your most valuable asset - your people. Orgtomic provides an integrated Org Chart, People Directory and Skills Map for actionable insight and discovery across your business.

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Helping an engineering team scale globally -with confidence. 

Hiring engineers remotely has become very popular of late, creating high demand for talent and increased attrition risks. A leading software company used Orgtomic to create visual onboarding journeys and introduction to company culture.

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"There could be over 1 billion remote workers by 2035."
- The Economist

The world of work is changing fast with the increase in Remote and Distributed teams. New tools are needed to enable Employee Discovery and Engagement.

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