Onboarding for Success.

Visual tools to ensure a shared and open culture from day one. Create onboarding journeys that deliver - ideal for remote growth.

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Encourage cross functional engagement

Let employees broaden their professional and social circle from the outset. Find that perfect project team, mentor and clique.

Employee Discovery

Give new joiners the tools to discover.

Let a new joiner set up their Orgtomic profile page and share their story and super power with everyone.

Create a visual onboarding journey.

Create a visually exciting onboarding journey for all new staff. Let them explore and engage across the organisation.

Manage early stage attrition with transparent onboarding.

First impressions count. Ensure a shared and open culture from day one and meaningfully reduce attrition risk as you scale.

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"Pay attention to your culture and your hires from the very beginning." - Reid Hoffman

The world of work is changing fast with the increase in Remote and Distributed teams. New tools are needed to enable Employee  Engagement and retention.

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