A Powerful People Directory to drive Employee Discovery

An integrated People Directory to facilitate employee discovery and engagement. Everyone has a super power, a unique skill and a story to tell - understand your organisation through your People.

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Encourage cross functional collaboration.

Build Culture and Discovery
Everyone has a super power, a unique skill and a story to tell. Leverage human capital across the Organisation and build a truly global and inclusive culture.
Powerful and Contextual Search
Use Orgtomic's powerful search to find the right person, discover specific skills and competencies for projects and teams - all fully integrated and visualized into the Org Chart.
Connect Remote Teams
Bridge distributed and team silos in remote first organizations and help create a meaningful culture outside of the office.

How can we help each other in a distributed world? 

Skills Taxonomies and Interests
Understand the skills available across your organisation and create a skills matrix for teams, offices and projects. Identify skills gaps and opportunities.
Yoga Tuesdays and Craft Beer Fridays
Build out your interest and training pages so that you can build personal connection with co-workers across the globe.
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People Directory Features

Orgtomic offers a fully flexible People Directory that is visually appealing, easy to use and enables Employee Discovery and Engagement.

Let employees build public profile highlighting their Skills, Interests, Cultural highlights, Hobbies, Training Needs
Let employees mentor and share training needs with each other
Fully searchable profiles with Orgtomic’s unique contextual Search.
Working Hours and Time Zone Map
Bulk upload photos for visual enhancement.
Allow Employees to record their Name Pronunciation
Encourage cross departmental communications and outreach to Remote workers
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Bring visibility to your most valuable asset - your people.

Unlock the potential of your distributed talent.  Visualize your Org and People data for actionable insight and discovery.

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