Employee Discovery for all.

An integrated People Directory to facilitate employee discovery and engagement. Everyone has a super power, a unique skill and a story to tell - understand your organisation through your People.

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How can we help each other?

A single place to understand your colleagues and organisation - discover shared interests, skills and culture. Allows your people to share their stories.

Employee Discovery Orgtomic

Encourage cross functional collaboration.

Remote employees can feel isolated from the broader organisation. Our searchable and indexed People Directory, integrated into the Org Chart, helps employee discovery.

Employee Discovery Orgtomic

Encourage cross departmental discovery.

Use contextual search to find out who could mentor a new project team with a specific skill set and share their expertise.

Employee Discovery Orgtomuc

Contextual Search brings your teams to life.

Create a sustainable company culture outside of the 'office'.
Global colleagues have amazing stories and cultural values to share. Our People Directory is built to foster connection, sharing and empathy, so we all can learn.
A single place to understand your colleagues.
Everyone has a super power, a unique skill and a story to tell. Leverage human capital across the Organisation and build a truly global and inclusive culture
Employee Discovery
Gradient Orgtomic

Enabling a Discovery Layer for a globally distributed team.

With remote teams in Europe, Asia and the US our Crypto client needed visibility for internal talent and new project opportunities as they scaled quickly.

Employees update their Orgtomic profiles with key skills, interests and their current mentoring/learning requirements. Team leads can then identify any skills deficits and under utilized talent across the global team.

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Remote working Orgtomic

"70% of hybrid employees feel more disconnected from their co-workers." - Microsoft

By enabling contextual search for employees to share skills, interests and recent achievements, Orgtomic is helping growth companies address the challenges of scaling with remote teams.

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